Meine folgende Liebesbotschaft und Liebesbild wurden heute morgen um 7h von Koonibba in Australien mit einer deutschen Kerzenwachs Rakete als NFT für immer zurück ins All geschossen. Es lebe die LIEBE …. ZUKUNST … Mercimike
LOVE is the growing energy working towards the Omega Point in the cosmos – the ALL-LOVING. Teilhard de Chardin called this cosmogenesis “AMORISATION”.
The goal of the ALL-LOVING means that the loving realization of human existence is the immanent goal of the world. In this process, LOVE gradually becomes the main thing and ultimately the highest form of evolution, HOMO AMORI
AMORISATION is a hopeful perspective because it opens up a view of a positive process of becoming human. It can release the energy to develop the human being’s inherent potency and the striving for the refinement of being.
Teilhard de Chardin described it as follows:
„When one day, having mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we also master the ENERGY OF LOVE, we will have discovered fire for the second time.“
The symbol of LOVE is the heart.
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